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Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume

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Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume

Discover Amazing Stories From Our Happy And Satisfied Customers Sandra Murphy And Calvin  Morgan  Who Us ed Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume

"I've noticed that since I started wearing Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume, my partner has become more affectionate and attentive towards me. It's like the scent is building a deeper emotional connection between us and the scent lasts all day without being overpowering. It seems it was tailor-made for my skin! It's bold, confident, and unapologetically feminine." -  ★★★★★Sandra, 24, Oxford

"Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume is my secret weapon for building a strong and passionate connection with my girlfriend. It's like the scent is a gateway to a world of intimacy and desire that we both crave. The fragrance  is so sensual and alluring, it's like I'm casting a spell on everyone I meet, especially on my gf!" - ★★★★★Calvin, 29, Wyoming

Captivate and Allure: Discover the Secret of Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume!

Introducing Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume, your secret to irresistible charm and allure. Our unique blend of captivating fragrances and fheromone technology creates an enchanting scent that enhances your natural magnetism. With all-natural ingredients and a travel-friendly, spill-proof design, Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume is the perfect addition to your fragrance collection.

What is Fheromotherapy?

Fheromotherapy is the latest advanced technology that combines with the traditional pheromones which is actively involved in sexual attraction. Upon release, they can stimulate arousal, desire, lust, even fertility. Individuals who secrete an elevated level of pheromones are likelier to have more sex, feel more confident and be perceived as more sexually attractive.   

Eden™ Fheromotherapy: The Ultimate Fusion of Fragrance, Science, and Attraction

Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume is perfume blended to appeal to the opposite sex. It encourages the release of pheromone molecules in our bodies through potent scent notes. 

This warming, charming, and all around seductive scent brings together a mighty blend of woody, green, spicy notes that stick around in your mind with an unshakable power. The depth of this pheromone perfume is hard to beat, with a strong, vibrant combination of musk, jasmine, orange blossom, and sandalwood

What makes Eden™ Fheromotherapy Solid Perfume special?

♥ Non-alcohol/ Natural Perfume Fragrance

♥ Boost Your Interpersonal Relationships

♥ Elevate Your Confidence and Romantic Relationships

♥ Unforgettable unique scent

♥ 3x More Long Lasting Effect & Scent

♥ Fragranced attractant enhances attraction

♥ Inspires affection

Tested on 500+ men/women:

● 84% say romantic relationship got enhanced
● 93% say they feel more confident about themselves
● 90% say their intimate relationships got improved
● 89% say attraction enhances



  • Long-lasting fragrance: 3x more long lasting than the traditional perfume

  • Advanced Fheromotherapy Pheromone-infused

  • Unique scent that is unforgettable 

  • Natural ingredients: Safe on all skin

  • Compact design

  • Perfect for couples: Enhance the intimacy and connection between couples by creating a more romantic and sensual atmosphere.




Simply apply a small amount of the perfume to pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears. The warmth of the body will activate the pheromones in the perfume, enhancing your natural scent and increasing attraction. 


  • Net Wt.: 75g
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years

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