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IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband

IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband

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IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband

IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband

Regular price $29.97
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Hear What Our Happy And Satisfied Customers Daphne Humphries and Carol Morgan Say About IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband

“I used to be so bloated, and it was hard to get rid of the weight. I was always carrying around a few extra pounds, and even though I was eating healthy food, it still wouldn’t go away! But then I started using this bracelet, and now look at me: I’m a few pounds down and still counting! I feel so much better about myself, but more importantly, I feel better in general. My lymphatic system is working properly now, so everything from my metabolism to my sleep patterns has improved dramatically.  It’s not enough just to lose weight—you need your body operating at full capacity! That’s what this bracelet does for you.” - Carol., 35, Queensland - 

“Since using this band, I've noticed my swelling goes down and my metabolism picks up. My weight loss has been phenomenal—and without any of the usual side effects (like bloating or headaches) that come with traditional methods of dieting. I've been able to get back into my favorite pair of jeans and I don't even feel the need to wear a belt anymore. I feel like I'm naturally slimmer and have more energy—and my friends have noticed the difference too!” - Canny, 38, Kentucky - 

The Lymphatic System: The Body's Secret Weapon

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels, nodes, and organs that drain excess fluid and protein from tissue spaces throughout the body. It is one of the four major divisions of the circulatory system. The other three are the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Like the other three systems, it consists of organs that work together to maintain homeostasis within the body.

The primary function of the lympathic system is to transport lymph through the body. Lymph is a clear fluid that contains white blood cells, which help fight off infections. It is formed when interstitial fluid (which fills all the spaces between cells) leaks out of capillary walls into surrounding tissues. It also contains plasma, which carries nutrients to cells and removes waste products from them.

The lymphatic system includes nodes (glands), vessels (tubes), and valves (structures). The nodes are small clusters of tissues that filter out harmful particles and bacteria from interstitial fluid (fluid between cells). They act as filters that remove bacteria and other foreign matter from interstitial fluid before returning it back into circulation. The vessels are thin-walled tubes that carry lymph throughout your body. Valves are structures in veins or arteries that allow blood flow only in one direction.

The nodes can be found all over your body: in your armpit, neck, groin area, abdomen, chest wall—even inside some muscles!


Titanium And Infrared Therapy: The Perfect Combination of Wellness

Titanium has been used for centuries in medicine to treat inflammation and swelling, as well as for its antioxidant properties including the capacity to pull oxygen to painful areas, pain-relieving positively charged energy fields, and outstanding body adaptability. Infrared therapy uses heat to stimulate cellular activity and blood flow, which aids in detoxification. These two therapies together can help you achieve optimal health by improving lymphatic drainage so your body can better eliminate toxins.

When combined with infrared therapy, titanium treatments can help lower your risk of disease by increasing your body's ability to fight off invaders that cause infections or diseases. They also help increase oxygenation levels in cells throughout your body while lowering inflammation levels at the same time!

Introducing IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband: The Wristband That Helps Your Body Drain Itself

It's time to get rid of the water weight, and we've got just the thing: a wristband that will help you get your lymphatic system back on track.


Our IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband is made from an ultra powerful  material that uses a combination of compression and advanced technology  to stimulate the flow of lymph through your veins. It's not only great for eliminating toxins, but it also improves blood circulation throughout the body that can help with weight loss by increasing metabolism, improving digestion, and reducing water retention. So now you can say goodbye to those extra pounds once and for all!

What Makes IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband An Optimum Solution for YOur Lymphatic Problems?

  • Boost Blood Circulation - the special characteristics of titanium promote ion treatment, which aids in separating blood cells from one another and removing obstructions from blood vessels to increase flow. By using ion therapy, the band aids in the removal of blockages (stenosis), plaque, or emboli.
  • Aids In Metabolism - this wristband is made with a revolutionary new material that works in conjunction with your body's natural processes to help you get rid of toxins, waste products, and other harmful substances that build up in your system. The band will heat up when it comes into contact with water, which then helps flush out these waste products more effectively than ever before. Additionally, this process can help speed up the rate at which your body releases fat cells so that you can achieve a slimmer appearance faster than ever before.
  • Removes Toxins and Excess Water Waste - has built-in far-infrared and negative ions that effectively detoxify the body by reaching the skin deeply. Lymph nodes are cleared, which helps the body's detoxification process and makes it easier for the lymphatic system to remove waste-bearing cellular fluids.

  • Fat Liquefaction - the Titanium Wristband helps to liquefy and break down fat cells so they may be burned quickly and easily by the body to produce energy. Titanium ions have the ability to penetrate the skin and kill specific fat cells where fat is accumulating. The titanium therapy breaks down and liquefies the fat cells.
  • Avoid Lymph Node Swellingthe wristband features a titanium treatment incorporated in it  that gently massages your wrist as you wear it, helping to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid through your body. This enhances the removal of toxins from your body and increases blood flow, which can reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

Take A Look At Michael’s Ultimate EXperience With IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband

Before Use:

I had always been overweight. It wasn't that I couldn't control my food intake—it was that I didn't want to control it. I thought about my body all the time, and I hated it. But every time I tried to lose weight, something stopped me: maybe it was schoolwork, or work obligations, or just not wanting to eat the same boring foods for yet another day in a row. Whatever the reason, it kept me from doing what needed to be done. And the fat accumulation has bothered me soon enough. I was struggling to walk, because of some swelling due to my obesity and I could no longer fit into my clothes. I began to realize I needed to become healthy and that means I have to lose weight. Glad I came across this product which I considered a blessing in disguise. 

After Use:

Now, after three months of constantly wearing this wristband, I look different. And who would have thought I would be able to lose weight and get rid of those extra pounds without so much effort on my part? This is the definite answer!!  My feet are better and not inflamed. I'm absolutely happy I gave this a try! I can't believe how healthy I feel. It used to be a constant battle with my weight but now everything is in the right palace. All thanks to this!


To use the IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband, simply slip it on and allow the bracelet to sit comfortably on your wrist. The band is designed to be worn all day, every day, so there's no need to take it off before bed or before working out. The band will work its magic while you sleep, so wear it at night as well.


  • Colors: black, blue, white, orange
  • Size: Length - 21.5 cm/ Thickness - 0.4 cm
  • Target User: men and women
  • Material: stainless steel, silicone 
  • Net Weight: 17 grams

Product Includes

 1 x IONPRO Lymphatic Detox Wristband

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