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MicroPro Titanium Trimmer

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MicroPro Titanium Trimmer


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Hear What Our Happy Customers Bryan Steward and MicroPro Titanium Trimmer Darwin Adams Say About Microtouch Titanium Trimmer

“I've been using the MicroPro Titanium Trimmer for months and I love it. It cuts like a dream, and it's lightweight enough that I can use it in the shower. I've got a lot of hair and this trimmer just handles the job with ease. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has trouble finding a good trimmer that works well and is easy to use!” - Bryan., 33, Houston - 

“These are the best trimmers I've ever used. They're lightweight, they feel sturdy in your hands, and they get the job done. The titanium blade is sharp enough to cut through any hair you'd want to trim. I love that you can pop out the blades, interchange them and clean them with ease. It's a simple design that works well. The MicroPro Titanium Trimmer is definitely worth it if you need a good pair of trimmers on hand!” - Darwin., 39, Kentucky - 


  • Full-body precision — trim, edge and groom any hair, anywhere
  • Titanium-coated stainless steel blades for durability
  • Ultra-flex pivoting head for even more precision and control
  • Shaves up or down, 200 micro-strokes per second
  • 3 pro grooming guides dial in the exact length you want
  • Built-in LED spotlight
  • Cordless & rechargeable

Trim, Edge & Groom Any Hair, Anywhere!

Now with titanium-coated stainless steel blades for more precision & durability!

Advanced Performance, Full-Body Grooming!

Introducing the all new and improved MicroPro Titanium Trimmer, the full body precision electric groomer that trims, edges and grooms hair, anywhere! Micro polished stainless steel blades, bonded with titanium rev at 200 micro strokes per second for a more powerful cut. Three pro grooming guides dial in the perfect length for your style. With its built-in LED spotlight, MicroPro Titanium Trimmer is everything you need for full body precision grooming. All in one tool!



dial in the exact length you want


perfectly contours for precise results


extends 40mm for hard-to-reach areas


  • Innovative  - is a revolutionary new product that provides the best of both worlds: the precision of a trimmer, and the power of a razor.
  • Powerful trimmer - this trimmer is so strong that it can cut through even the toughest of beard hairs with ease and accuracy
  • Non Corrosive - features titanium blades that are guaranteed to never rust or dull over time. Plus, they're made from 100% eco-friendly materials, so you can feel good about your purchase!
  • Safe To Use - perfect for men who have sensitive skin or find it difficult to use other trimmers because they leave behind stubble after shaving. Its gentle blades won't irritate your skin while they cut through those stubborn hairs.
  • Non-Slip Design - has an ergonomic grip for easy holding, so you don't have to worry about it slipping out of your hand while you're trying to shave.
  • Unique Layout - equipped with a built-in light for better visibility and a pivoting head for more flexible usage and control at any angle, and it comes with three interchangeable comb heads that you can utilize every single time
  • Effective Shaving Solution - the ideal product for those who want to keep their facial hair in shape. It's a perfect choice for men and women who want to maintain their appearance without having to spend a lot of money on products that don't work as advertised.
  • Lightweight and Compact - you can easily travel with it wherever you go without worrying about damaging the blades or getting them dirty inside your regular luggage bag 

Take A Look At Justin’s Ultimate Experience with MicroPro Titanium Trimmer


My hair was always a constant source of stress for me. No matter how much I tried to tame it, it just wouldn't cooperate. It would never be the right length or style for the occasion, and it just seemed like a huge hassle to deal with. I finally decided enough was enough, and I decided to try MicroPro Titanium Trimmer


Wow! What a difference! Now my hair is always perfectly styled, which means less time spent on hair care and more time spent doing what I love! This trimmer is so easy to use, and it saves me so much time every day.


  1. Turn on the trimmer and set it to the desired length.
  2. Place the trimmer on your skin and gently glide it across in a straight line.
  3. Repeat as needed until all unwanted hair has been removed



  • Type:  Trimmer
  • Target Users: men and women
  • Maximum Power: 50 W
  • Charging Time: 8 hours
  • Materials: titanium, stainless steel
  • Target Area: all body parts

Product Includes

  • MicroPro Titanium Trimmer 


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