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Le Trésor™ Scented-Phermone Handcream

Le Trésor™ Scented-Phermone Handcream

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Le Trésor™ Scented-Phermone Handcream

Le Trésor™ Scented-Phermone Handcream

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Over 100,000 Astonished Users
Can't Stop Raving:Elevate Every Interaction

Charlotte LaGuardia, California ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  

Sparking Passion with Le Trésor™
"My Boyfriend Can't Resist Sniffing My Hands, Holding Me Close Every Date! I think it works for our relationship!" 

Barbara Sutton, Houston Texas  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Unlocking Charisma with Le Trésor™
"I've Noticed More Smiles and Conversations Initiated by Others Since Incorporating This Hand Cream!" 

Vanessa G.,  Beverly Hills  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Minnesota Confidence in Every Scent
 "Le Trésor™ turned my shyness around. It's more than soft skin; it's about being noticed, being approachable. An everyday miracle!" 

Pheromones: Magic in Hand Creams

Pheromones unique chemical substances secrete a subtle charm, allowing for improved interpersonal interactions.

Integrating pheromones into hand creams provides a two-fold benefit: hydration for silky smooth hands, and an irresistible scent that can potentially magnetize social connections. Delicate and alluring, the fragrance evokes intrigue and interest among the people around you.

Discover Le Trésor™: Your Perfect Choice

  1. Pheromone Infusion: Unlock nature's charm with pheromones, elevating radiance and attraction.
  2. Intensive Moisturization: Hydrolyzed collagen restores youthfulness by reducing wrinkles.
  3. Seductive Scent: Captivate with an intriguing aroma, igniting engaging connections.
  4. Rapid Absorption: Quick-absorb formula retains moisture sans greasiness.
  5. Long-Lasting Allure: Pheromones radiate allure throughout the day.
  6. Boosted Confidence: Innovation enhances interpersonal dynamics, elevating self-assurance.
  7. Expert Endorsement: Dr. Isabella Moreno's endorsement confirms its scientific excellence.

Le Trésor™ : Your Ideal Choice and Why

  • Pheromone Infused Formula
  • Intensive Moisturization
  • Seductive Scent
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Long Lasting Effect
  • Transformative Confidence

Expert's Seal Of Approval

Dr. Isabella Moreno, MD | Esteemed Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist Recipient of the Distinguished Mindcare Award | Affiliated with the International Association of Psychology |

Endorsed by Dr. Isabella Moreno, MD, a prominent psychologist. Backed by her groundbreaking study, Le Trésor™ Scented-Pheromone Hand Cream combines technology and pheromones for enhanced allure. Dr. Moreno's research showcases its efficacy in boosting self-confidence and interpersonal connections.

After use, individuals experienced a remarkable 56% increase in likability perception, while those around them showed a notable 73% increase in freepik 

Direction For Use

  1. Clean Hands: Start with clean, dry hands.
  2. Small Amount: Squeeze a small amount of Le Trésor™ Handcream onto your palm.
  3. Rub Gently: Rub your hands together to spread the cream evenly.
  4. Massage In: Gently massage the cream into your hands, focusing on dry areas.
  5. Enjoy the Scent: Take a moment to enjoy the luxurious fragrance.
  6. Repeat as Needed: Use throughout the day as desired for soft, fragrant hands.


  • Flavor 
    - Desire
    Top Notes: Strawberry Raspberry Pear Bergamot Watermelon Ketone Orange Tangerine
    Middle Notes: Datura Peony Orange Blossom Jasmine Jasmine
    Base Notes: Patchouli Musk Ambroxan Patchouli Cedarwood
    Top Notes: Bergamot Orange
    Middle notes: Tea, Blackcurrant
    Base notes: Galbanum, Musk, Sandalwood, Petitgrain
  • Net Content: 55 grams
  • Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Includes

  • 1 x Le Trésor™ Scented-Phermone Handcream


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