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PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager

PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager

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PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager

PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager

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 PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager  

“In all honesty, I was skeptical of electrical-based therapies but my suspicion disappeared all thanks to the PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager! I used to have a lot of fat on my stomach but in just two months, all of that disappeared! I love how I can lose weight without changing my already busy lifestyle. All I needed to do was stick the patch on my stomach and switch the massager on.” -Janina, 34, Tennessee 

“I’ve always struggled with stomach fat and no matter how much I diet and exercise, the fat just won’t go away. I was close to attempting to go under the knife and undergo liposuction but the PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager helped me lose all that blubber. Now, I feel super confident and the clothes that I once wore are now loose on me!” -Laylah, 33, New Hampshire 

What is TENS?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation. TENS is a type of therapy that uses low-voltage electric currents to treat pain. It is a small device that provokes currents near news that blocks your perception of pain.  TENS is an effective treatment for people with chronic pain and mobility issues, which increases calorie burning, leading to weight loss.

Additionally, TENS is a highly effective fat burner. Due to TENS ability to increase mitochondrial energy externally. This increased cell energy improves bodily function, including metabolism. . Metabolism is a process where your body turns calories into energy, a quicker and more efficient metabolism crucial for weight loss. Metabolism is dependent on each person, some have faster metabolism and some have slower metabolism. 

TENS is a non-invasive solution that can be used anytime and anywhere and boasts many health benefits such as:

  • Decreasing chronic pain
  • Tightens skin (decreases sagginess after weight loss)
  • Increases energy
  • Increases physical stamina
  • Weight loss
  • Fat burner
  • Appetite suppressor
  • Treats sports injuries, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis 

What is the PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager?

The PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager  is a non-invasive fat burner that can be used anytime and anywhere. It has the ability to:

  • Removes subcutaneous and other types of unwanted fats
  • Decrease muscle pain
  • Increase metabolism
  • Increases cell and organ energy
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Improves lymphatic flow (beneficial for boosting immunity and increasing blood flow)
  • Increases blood flow (beneficial for decreasing life-threatening clots)
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Improves physical stamina (beneficial for  increasing weight loss and improving muscle tone)
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Tightens and firms skin after weight and fat loss

Amy used to be obese but now she’s at a healthy weight all thanks to the PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager. Now, she’s spreading the good word and posted these pictures as proof of the Powertech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager’s fat-burning power! 

Before Use

“I used to be overweight for her age and height. All of that fat came made my life super hard; I can’t book flights without buying two seats and an extender, I don’t have a lot of fashion choices since most brands don’t cater up to my size, and I get odd looks from people when I eat a lot. I want to change all of that and slim down to a healthy weight.” 

Month 1

“I’ve been using this for a month and it does wonders! I cannot believe how my stomach fat decreased significantly without changing much of my lifestyle and diet. What’s better is that I can move around and my clothes from before have begun to loose up quite a bit!”

Month 2 

“Aside from the looser clothes, I have also noticed that despite losing so much fat, my skin remains tight against my body. Usually, you’d see rolls of loose flesh after drastic fat and weight loss but that’s not the case when I started using the PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager! Not only that, but my joint pain due to the excessive weight I once had disappeared.”

Month 3 Onwards

“I can’t believe I lost all of that fat in just three months! I am two to three sizes down and I no longer have to struggle with mundane things such as squeezing into tight spaces or worrying about bumping into things with my body. Such simple things made my life so much easier; I can walk and run now, I can wear what I love, and I can shop for clothes my size!” 

How to Use 

  • Wash and dry your skin
  • Remove film protecting the Hydrogel Massage Patch.
  • Place the patch onto  your skin 
    • For fat loss: Place it on your stomach, thighs, or arms.
    • For muscle relief: Place it on the sore area
  • Set the device on a low intensity for beginners and gradually increase intensity.
  • Remove the patch after use.
  • Replace the  Hydrogel Massage Patch  every month.
  • Recharge the device when not in use. 


Material: Silicone

Input Voltage: 0.85V Working

Voltage: 3.2-4.2V

Rated Time: 15 Minutes

Input Current: 25mA

Product Size: 44mm x 10.5mm

Package Includes 

1x PowerTech TENS Metabolism Booster Massager  

1x USB charging


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